Ronelle Shetland Stud

Ronelle Stud

COUNTRY COMES TO TOWN - Judges Mr Gareth Bailie & Miss Natasha Burns - 17:9:16

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 1st new forest/highland, 2nd Best Turned Out, 1st young handler. 3rd fancy dress, Ridden Lg Breed Champion, Reserve Supreme champion of Show with Heather Steele.

BURNSIDE LENNON - 1st shetland 4+, Shetland Champion , Overall In Hand Champion 

LOANIN HELGA - 2nd Shetland 4+ with Carly Bell, 3rd young Handler, 1st fancy dress with Molly Bell..

RONELLE INDIGOE ROSE - 1st Shetland 3yrs & under, 2nd young handler 2nd fancy dress, 

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st Shetland ridden, Reserve Shetland Champion, Mini Ridden Champion

NORTHERN IRELAND SHETLAND PONY GROUP SHOW - Afiliated Judge Mr D A MaCarthur, Unafiliated Judge Mr A R Bell - 3:9:16

BURNSIDE LENNON - 1st stallion, 1st coloured, senior champion & overall supreme champion

WESTPARK ELDERBERRY - 1st novice 4+, 1st brood mare, 2nd Veteran & Novice Champion

RONELLE EBONY - 1st foal & Reserve Junior Champion

RONELLE INDIGOE ROSE - 1st Yearling & Junior Champion

LOTUSPOINT SABRINA - 2nd 2 & 3 yr olds, 1st Fancy dress (cow)

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st yeld mare, 2nd first ridden (Lucy Logan), 2nd young handler, 1st Ridden (heather Steele), 3rd Tiny Tots Lead rein (Molly Bell), 1st young at heart (Angela Steele), 1st Fancy dress (hunter), reserve senior champion, reserve young handler Champion, & overall reserve supreme champion

LOANIN HELGA - 1st minature, 1st young handler (Lucy Logan), 2nd Tiny Tots Young Handler (Molly Bell), 3rd young at heart (Ann Bell) 1st fancy dress (Horse)

Fancy dress - Farmhands = Katie Bell, Carly Bell, Molly Bell, Evie Wright, Lucy Logan, Heather Steele, Chloe Stewart  & Animals = Persuasion, Helga & Sabrina

SAINTFIELD HORSE & PONY SHOW - Judge's Mr R Anderson & Miss S McDonald - 13:8:16

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st shetland stallion & Reserve Champion

RONELLE INDIGOE ROSE - 1st Shetland youngstock, 1st young handler with Katie Bell

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 3rd novice show hunter, 4th novice M & M lg breeds, and had 1 fefusal in his working hunter..

LONDONDERRY/LIMAVADY SHOW - Judge Mrs Joanne Harper - 30:7:16

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 2nd shetland stallion & Reserve champion..

RONELLE INDIGOE ROSE - 1st youngstock, 1st young handler with Katie Bell

NPS Area 32 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Judge Mr S Howard 27:7:16

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 9th show hunter/show pony

CLOGHER SHOW - Judge Mr Nigel Vale - 27:7:16

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 2nd shetland stallion

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st Shetland Brood Mare & Reserve Senior Champion, 1st Young Handler with Heather Steele

RONELLE PARAGON - 1st Shetland Foal

RONELLE INDIGOE ROSE - 1st Shetland Yearling & Junior Champion

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 4th M&m lg breeds, 5th show hunter 133cm, 

ANTRIM SHOW - Judge Mr Brian Lewis - 23:7:16

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st shetland stallion & shetland champion 

CASTLEWELLAN SHOW - Judge Mrs Sarah Bowling - 16:7:16


GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd Shetland Mare/Stallion & Reserve Champion

RONELLE PARAGON - 1st Shetland Foal

NPS Area 32 SUMMER SHOW - Judges Mrs B Hall & Mrs S Fitt - 25:6:16

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 1st nov show hunter & Res Champion, 1st open show hunter, best Novice rossette & 1st res champion Novice Pony, 4th M & M Lg breeds & best rider Rossette, 2nd M & M Young Riders 

SAINTFIELD SHOW - Judge Mrs M Millar - 18:6:16

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION  - 1st shetland mare & Res Champion.

RONELLE PARAGON - 1st shetland foal & Junior Champion

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st shetland stallion

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 10th M & M lg breed, 2nd show hunter nov, 3rd show hunter open.. 

ARMAGH SHOW - Judge natives H. Starkie - 11:6:16

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st shetland stallion/gelding & Champion.

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st Mare & 2nd young Handler with Katie bell


HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSON - 1st Novice show hunter & Champion, 3rd M & M Lg breeds

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 3rd open show hunter, 3rd young handler. 

LURGAN SHOW - Judge Mr A Bowen & Mrs M Ryan - 4:6:16

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 1st M & M Large breeds & Res Champion, 2nd Show Hunter

CREEVELEA HELLO KITTY - 1st show hunter 2&3 yr old & champion, 1st welsh partbred. 

BALLYMENA SHOW - Judge Nadine Hoy - 28:5:16

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st shetland brood mare, 2nd Res Champion

RONELLE PARAGON - 1st shetland foal

BURNSIDE LENNON - 2nd shetland stallion 

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GRANSHA GALLA - 25-27:3:16

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 1st Show Hunter & Res Overall pony Champion, 2nd M & M open.

GRANSHA E.C. - 20:3:16

BOBBYJACK - 1st Coloured Inhand, 1st Show cob Inhand, 2nd Young Handler, 6th Coloured Ridden, 4th Show Cob.

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 3rd M & M large breeds Ridden, 4th M & M Open ridden. 


HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 2nd Family Pony, 1st M&m large breeds, supreme champion