Ronelle Shetland Stud

Ronelle Stud

COUNTRY COMES TO TOWN - 21:9:13 -Judge Mr D Armstrong (Ridden) & Mrs P Bunting (Inhand)

HAYWARDS LASTING IMPRESSION - 2nd New forest any age/sex

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd Mare, Stallion or Gelding 4+ Inhand, 1st open ridden with Dee Harris, 1st lead rein & res mini ridden champion with Katie Bell, 5th young handler with Katie Bell

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 3rd Mare, Stallion or Gelding 4+ Inhand, 2nd lead rein with Carly Bell, 4th young handler with Carly Bell, 2nd fancy dress with Katie & Carly Bell

NORTHERN COUNTIES SHOW - 31:8:13 - Judge Mrs G Holder

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd Ex/Dart/Shet ridden & Champion

N I SHETLAND PONY GROUP SHOW - 31:8:13 - Judge Mr Steve Rendall

RONELLE POLLYANNA - 1st yearling, 2nd young handler with Todd Cumberland, 4th new comer with Nichola Cumberland, 4th young handler with Rebecca Mawhinney.

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st stallion & res senior champion

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd yeld mare, 3rd lead rein with Katie Bell, 2nd ridden with Dee Harris, 3rd young handler with Dee Harris.

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 4th gelding, 3rd coloured, 4th lead rein with Carly Bell, 3rd ridden with Rebecca Mawhinney, 5th young handler with Katie Bell, 3rd progeny pairs with Wildways Kismet, 2nd driving. 

SAINTFIELD HORSE & PONY SHOW - 17:8:13 - Judge Miss Kellee  Graham

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st shetland 4+ & champion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 3rd M & M lead rein

CLOGHER SHOW - 31:7:13 - Judge Mr Robert Pitcairn / shetlands and Mr Micheal Daley / show hunter & part breds

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 1st show hunter 2 & 3 year old, 1st part bred Y.S. & champion, finalist in the cuddy championship, & NPS championships

RONELLE POLLYANNA - 1st shetland yearling & res junior champion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 2nd shetland gelding, 2nd shetland lead rein with Katie Bell, 3rd young handlers with Katie Bell, Finalist in NPS championships with Rebecca Mawhinney

EYNHALLOW LEWIS -3rd shetland stallion, Finalist in NPS championships

GLENLOUGH PENNY - 2nd shetland mare

ANTRIM SHOW - 27:7:13 - Judge Miss H Dumigan

RONELLE POLLYANNA - 1st shetland youngstock

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd shetland mare

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 2nd shetland stallion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 4th M & M lead rein with Katie Bell

LONDONDERRY/LIMAVADY SHOW - 20:7:13 - Judge Mrs J Lowthian

BURNSIDE LENNON - 1st shetland stallion

RONELLE POLLYANNA - 1st shetland youngstock & champion, 1st young handler (Todd Cumberland) & res champion

GLENLOUGH PARIS - 1st shetland mare 4+

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 1st Gelding, 1st lead rein with Katie Bell & Res Champion & best opposite sex to champion, 1st young handler & champion (Katie Bell)

N.I.A.W.P & C.S - 18:7:13 - Judges Mrs M Miller, Mrs T Hook & Mr John James 

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 1st Show hunter 2 & 3 yr old & res breeding champion, 3rd part bred & winner of part bred Diamond/Crown in hand championships

NPS Area 32 SUMMER SHOW - 29:6:13 - Judge Mrs A Squires

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st Shetland 4+ stallion, mare or gelding & Champion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 3rd novice M & M lead rein with Katie Bell, 4th Novice M & M First Ridden & qualifier for novice riders championship with Rebecca Mawhinney

SAINTFIELD SHOW - 15:6:13 - Mrs P Burns

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 2nd show pony 3yrs, 2nd youngstock & res champion part bred

RONELLE POLLYANNA - 1st yearling & junior champion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 1st gelding in hand, 3rd young handler & 3rd lead rein with Katie Bell 

ARMAGH SHOW - 8:6:13 - Mrs M Thomas

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st shetland stallion/gelding & Champion

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd shetland mare, 3rd open M & M ridden with Dee Harris, 2nd young handler with Todd Cumberland.

RONELLE ARDRES PRINCE - 3rd shetland youngstock

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 3rd young handler with Katie Bell, 5th M & M Lead Rein

LURGAN SHOW - 1:6:13 - Mr D Puttock

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 2nd show pony, 3rd part bred.

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 2nd M & M small breeds in hand, 1st male shetland & champion, 6th M & M small breeds ridden by Asli Yavuz

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 2nd female shetland, 5th M & M small breeds ridden by Dee Harris.

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 5th M & M lead rein ridden by Katie Bell, 3rd M & M first ridden riden by Rebecca Mawhinney 


CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 1st 3 yrs show pony & champion show/show hunter, 1st part bred & res part bred champion

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 4th M & M small breeds 4+

BALLYMENA SHOW - 25:5:13 - Judge Mr J Wilson

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 2nd shetland stallion

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st shetland yeld mare, & best yeld mare trophy

RONELLE ARDRES PRINCE - 2nd shetland 2 & 3 yr old & Res junior champion

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 1st shetland gelding, 2nd lead rein with Katie Bell, 2nd young handler with katie bell

GRANSHA TRAINING SHOW -         - Judge Mrs H Morgan

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 1st & res champion family pony with Dee Harris

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 3rd M & M small breeds with Rebecca Mawhinney

N I FESTIVAL @ Cavan - 27 & 28:4:13

CREEVELEA SERAFINA - 1st youngstock & champion show pony/show hunter, 1st youngstock & champion part breed, 2nd young handler with Todd Cumberland

EYNHALLOW LEWIS - 1st 4+ & res champion M & M sm breeds, 2nd Dart/Ex/Shet 4+, 10th young riders Intermediate M & M.

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 4th nov M & M lead rein with Katie Bell, 2nd Nov M & M first ridden, 4th fancy dress (Evening Performance) with Rebecca Mawhinney

GLENLOUGH PERSUASION - 4th Dart/Ex/Shet in hand, 4th young riders, 4th M & M nov ridden with Dee Harris   

NPS Area 32 SRING SHOW - 30:3:13


WILDWAYS ADONIS - 1st & champion in hand, 2nd novice M&M first ridden, 2nd open M&M first ridden with Rebecca Mawhinney, 6th lead rein with katie Bell

N.I.A.W.P. & C.S. - training show @ LUSKS - 10:2:13

WILDWAYS ADONIS - 2nd Working Hunter (cradle Stakes) ridden by Rebecca            Mawhinney.....3rd lead rein (under 122cm) ridden by Katie Bell.....4th lead rein (under 148cm) ridden by Katie Bell